Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clint Carter- Fit 4 Duty!

Citizens of Lehi,

I am excited to be running for the City Council.  I have lived in Lehi all my life- born and raised here. I take a lot of pride in our city and I want the very best for all of us. I Love Lehi, I know Lehi, I’ll fight for Lehi!


*volunteer fire fighter for 14 years

*volunteer EMT for 10 years

*Building Official for 22 years
*Emergency Preparedness Director for 12 years

*Deputy Facility Engineering Manager

I knew Lehi  when we had only 8500 people.  For the next 22 years I was part of the rapid growth to where it is today of almost 50,000.  I have experience in knowing how to handle growth and what it takes to keep up with all the problems.

*I am committed to make sure that Lehi City is spending your tax dollars in the best interest for the citizens of Lehi.
*I am committed in projects that will benefit all citizens with the least amount of impact to any one specific area.

*I am committed to involve all outlaying areas of the city, not just the heart of the city.

*I am committed to fight for all the citizens of Lehi.
                 I ask for your support and vote.

Please contact me at 801-369-2095 with any questions or concerns you have about our city.